Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pug: is it any good?

Jessica Alba has two pugs, Sid and Nancy. That's because she likes them. Jessica thinks Pugs are sociable dogs, playful, charming, clever and succeed in dog obedience skills. But they are also usually stubborn about certain things. They only rank 57th in Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs, being only of fair working/obedience intelligence. Pugs are also often referred to as the comedians of the dog world. But as anyone who lives with a comedian knows, this can be a curse as well as a blessing.  
The 'comedian' may become slightly anxious or agitated if their owner ignores them or does not play with them. In general, they are very attentive dogs, always at their owner's feet, in their lap, or following them from room to room. But this could also be because they suffer from depression.
So, is the pug any good? 
Rate it below!


  1. a pug licked my face yesterday and it wasn`t a nice experience.

  2. Pugs aren't so good but Jessica Alba is definitely good.