Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cake Mix: is it any good?

Cake mixes are a great time saver in my busy lifestyle. I can make a great cake from a box mix, just like those pictured above, in minutes. Can you imagine how great that would taste? Moist Deluxe or Extra Moist Chocolate Cake? All you have to do is add water - and sometimes oil, milk or eggs - and put it in the oven.

However, some people don't like cake mix because it takes away the joy of cooking. You add bits and bobs to make things and it's exciting, but with cake mix there is little room for experimentation.

The protest movement against cake mix gained momentum in the mid-1960's, when, in an echo of the protests against Dylan 'going electric' in 1965, people described cake mix as 'unnatural' and 'destabilizing the natural chemistry' - of the cake.

But with 1970s fashion turning against self indulgent experimentation, the unpretentious cake mix was seen as very 'punk rock', and is now thankfully accepted as a cornerstone of the modern western lifestyle. So you can say whether or not you like it below without fear of repercussions.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Obama phenomena: is it any good?

Whilst there is general agreement that Barack Obama is the 44th and current president of the United States and that he is indeed the first African American to hold the office, when evaluating Obama it is necessary to step outside of his undoubted huge political and economic achievements and ask: is Obama really that good?
It is easy, for example, to overlook that while Obama is a keen soccer enthusiast and often talks fondly of playing in a local team in his early years in Indonesia, that he was, in fact, very 'one footed'. And even though his goals-per-game ratio was very high at 0.66, this is largely attributable to his position as centre forward, combined with the fact that he was the team's penalty taker, from which an astonishing 72.5% of his goals were accrued.
Obama is also a keen reader, especially of Harry Potter. However, his favorite book is "Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets" which is undoubtedly the worst in the series due to inconsistent pacing, and the plot structure being much the same as in "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone."
And Obama's favorite character, Hermione Granger, is one that is hard to understand. She aces all her tests and is one of the smartest students to ever go to Hogwarts and is spunky and tries to be defiant like Harry and Ron. But in the later books, she just becomes annoying and causes a shit-load of trouble for Harry and Ron - like when she made one of the teachers take away The Firebolt (a special, expensive broomstick) because she was worried that it might be cursed by the unknown admirer. Or when she goes to a dance with one of Harry's rivals!
But if you think Obama's political achievements outweigh his footballing 'ability' and his flawed appreciation of the Harry Potter series, feel free to give the Obama phenomena a high rating below.