Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cake Mix: is it any good?

Cake mixes are a great time saver in my busy lifestyle. I can make a great cake from a box mix, just like those pictured above, in minutes. Can you imagine how great that would taste? Moist Deluxe or Extra Moist Chocolate Cake? All you have to do is add water - and sometimes oil, milk or eggs - and put it in the oven.

However, some people don't like cake mix because it takes away the joy of cooking. You add bits and bobs to make things and it's exciting, but with cake mix there is little room for experimentation.

The protest movement against cake mix gained momentum in the mid-1960's, when, in an echo of the protests against Dylan 'going electric' in 1965, people described cake mix as 'unnatural' and 'destabilizing the natural chemistry' - of the cake.

But with 1970s fashion turning against self indulgent experimentation, the unpretentious cake mix was seen as very 'punk rock', and is now thankfully accepted as a cornerstone of the modern western lifestyle. So you can say whether or not you like it below without fear of repercussions.


  1. You can add walnuts or banana and customise your cake! Just as post-punk bands like Magazine,Joy Division or the Fall were inspired by punk ethics but wanted something more adventures and creative. Yummy!

  2. so you get the best of punk and prog rock in one simple recipe. isn't that lovely!

  3. I hear ya, but i still can't help but see cake mix as the simon cowell of the teatime treat world. You can add as many walnuts as you like but it's still the same sponge, beneath a manufactured pop frosting. Maybe you need the blood, sweat and tears, the hours spent slaving over a hot stove, in a hendrix acid dripping off forehead way, to create something truly special?