Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Digital World: is it any good?

The digital world is not like the world that you or I live in. Although it has mountains and fields and streams running through it like the nicer parts of our world where people like to go on holiday, these are not made of earth and grass and water. They are made of what those in the know call 'digits' (see figure 1, above).
Our world runs on coal, but 'digits' are like tiny pieces of coal that you can only see with a very powerful microscope, that provide the fuel for the digital world's little furnaces.
Although humans can not actually live in the digital world, it can be contacted, most notably by 'I.T. men' who 'interact' with it and have become the princes of this world, like Peter and Edmund in Narnia, so that even the most ugly and rude I.T. man can get the most beautiful digital girlfriend (see figure 2).
The digital world can also 'wash its face'. That means run as a profit making entity in its own right.
If you'd like to visit the digital world, please give it a high mark out of five below.

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