Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Supernatural: is it any good?

Do you like ghosts? It may seem difficult to rate the supernatural because there's so many different types, just like animals in the animal kingdom. But it really isn't that difficult at all.
Residual Energy Hauntings are undoubtedly the most common, being just a location that feels 'haunted', something most of us have experienced.
Active Hauntings are slightly less popular and are often caused by a historical event, like when Hamlet's father's ghost told him he'd been murdered. These ghosts are quite interactive.
Poltergeists are more controversial because, while again they are very common and enjoy human company, many scientists believe the energy for the activity is actually provided by someone who is very much alive with ESP, and it is only the 'pranks and noises' that are caused by the ghost.

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